Is the Graco Swivel Jogging Stroller Worth Buying?

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Graco Fastaction Swivel Jogging Stroller Review review that was recently posted about the Graco Stroller said: “This is the best jogging stroller ever. Easy to assemble and will go almost everywhere. It is large so trunk space is a must if you plan on taking it anywhere. The big wheels make it much better than the tiny wheeled versions. You can go over bumps in the sidewalk and into the yard with no problems.”

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The Graco Jogging Stroller was developed specifically for those parents who want to go jogging when they take their babies out for walks and, given its extremely good reviews, it has succeeded in becoming one of the most popular jogging stroller models available today. This single car seat stroller combo features 16″ rear wheels that are sturdily built as well as a 16″ front wheel that is capable of an innovative swiveling action when the stroller is pushed, and also makes it the best stroller. It has a compact and lightweight stroller is made of a strong aluminum frame that can be easily folded into a stroller-package that fits into any closet. The Turismo Swivel, when folded, measures 33.5 x 23 x 25 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 24.5 lbs.

This stroller’s further features include an extensive sun canopy that has both a weather shield and a visor. It also has a bottom basket and easily accessible multiple storage pockets that can handle storing both small snacks and drinks and larger items like groceries, as well as separate tray tables for both mother and child. The stroller’s seat has been padded for the child’s extra comfort, which is also enhanced by the rear wheel suspension system. The Turismo Swivel also has a five-point child safety harness system and a user-friendly adjustable-height handle. It is also extremely easy to assemble.

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The Graco jogger stroller has not, however, been designed to carry every child and it does have height and weight limits of 38 inches and 50 lbs or less respectively. Schwinn also recommends that a child be at least six months old before being allowed to travel in their Free Wheeler.

Parents can buy the Graco Swivel in one of three color combinations: green / blue, red / black or blue / gray.

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